About FF Studio

At FF Studio events you can enjoy creative studio photography with experienced models in a studio environment supported by me. In the process you will build your own portfolio of work. I have taken all the shots you see below mostly in studio settings, many of them in events with a variety of models. It’s an exciting and rewarding process where you will learn a lot about your own style. But beware, it’s VERY addictive!

For those wanting portraits I have been a photographer and creative my whole life. I’m qualified in Applied Photography and Fine Printing (Darkroom printing). I love creating powerful, dynamic, intimate images and enjoy helping people to build their portfolio or build confidence through portraits. This is my first studio venture, but I have an online portfolio and have followers across various social media platforms. It has long been a dream to have my own space to create beautiful images. It’s finally come to fruition in Brussels.

Ian Clifford FF Studio founder, July 2020.

Follow Ian on http://instagram.com/ian_clifford and the studio on http://instagram.com/ffstudio.be and on http://ffstudio.be/ff.erotica

FF Studio, Rue Berthelot 115, Forest, 1190, Brussels, Belgium.

The Boudoir Set at FF Studio

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