Bring out your inner rockstar! Get all glammed up and let your hair down! Or just chill out and relax, and I will capture that thing that makes you so special.

Whether it is on your own, as a couple, with a friend, or in a group, FF Studio believes that portraits should capture the ‘real you’. We also know that you might be shy or nervous… that’s normal! We will put you at ease and then allow your personality to shine through. Before you know it, you will be loving the lens and spotlight!

Work profiles, castings, social media profiles, portfolios, even passports – our low-cost portraits can produce great results you can use again and again. See the FF Studio Gallery for more images.

Portrait Type
Individual Portrait (1 hr) – Informal or Formal – 1 hour sitting. 10 Photo files sent within 3 days.€95
Individual Portrait (3hr) – Informal or Formal – 3 hour sitting. Min 15 Photo files sent within 5 days.€160
Duo portraits (3 hrs) – Informal or Formal – 3 hour sitting, two adults, min 20 Photo files sent within 5 days.€195
Bachelorette Party shoots (3 hours) – Coming later in the spring … up to 7 people … see link for full details! from €325

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